I called PAF for help with debt crisis and was very satisfied with the outcome. I am so pleased to have an organization care about my well-being. Thank You

Regina | breast cancer

My sister-in-law gave me the number to the Donna Foundation. I called and the lady on the phone was very informative and made me feel like I had someone that really cared about what I was feeling and experiencing… soon I got a call from, my case worker. She inquired about how I was doing and then asked what help did I need. After telling her what was going on with me, and Lord knows I was having a bad day when she called due to so much going wrong, but she listened, and it made all the difference in the world. She has called me several times since to check on me, to give me resources and to call resources on my behalf… I can’t say enough good things about your organization and the awesome people who work for you. They have truly been a blessing to me…

Beverly | breast cancer
This is Shalonda

The financial assistance you provided helped me make sure I can get to my appointments make sure I could buy food for me and my kids and make sure I’m more stress free. I really appreciate it and thank you again.

Shalonda | breast cancer

This grant made a HUGE difference! Thank YOU!

Renee I breast cancer

I want to send my most sincere and deep thanks to the DONNA FOUNDATION, DONNA CARE LINE and the DONNA FINANCIAL AID FUND for the unreserved compassion and concern during this extremely turbulent time we currently face … thank you for all that you do for our population overall. You have no idea how much your grant support means to me at this juncture. Additionally, I would like to send my gratitude to the case representative that assisted me in this process … she was full of kindness, efficiency, grace and compassion … she also provided a myriad of resources in a concerted effort to assist me in meeting my urgent needs. I hope that this gesture reaches her and all levels! Please be assured of my highest esteem…

Coren I breast cancer
This is Patricia

When I heard my cancer metastasized, I was angry. Angry with my life and somehow, I had to continue my fight against this thing. I’ve lost everything due to cancer. Your help has given me the hope I needed, that your organization cared enough about me. Thank you.

Patricia I breast cancer